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  • IP Clinic: How can we minimise the cost of litigation?

    December 01, 2009

    We are about to embark on major litigation. However, we want to ensure the costs are kept under control. What measures can we take?

  • How can we tackle factory overruns?

    November 01, 2009

    We suspect the factory we use in Asia is manufacturing more of our product and selling it out the back door. What can we do?

  • What issues arise from using open source software?

    October 01, 2009

    Software developers in my company are increasingly using open source software. What are the main IP issues we need to consider when using open source software and are there any risks involved?

  • How do we stop lookalikes?

    September 01, 2009

    Our company launched a new product last year but we have since discovered that a leading supermarket is selling an own brand version that looks very similar. What should we do?

  • What is the best way to gain experience in IP?

    July 01, 2009

    I've recently qualified as a lawyer. What can I do to maximise my chances of getting a good job in IP when the economy picks up?

  • My licensee may be in financial difficulty. How can I protect my IP?

    June 01, 2009

    I think one of our licensees may have financial problems. Although I am reluctant to take drastic action that may sever our business relationship, how can I ensure that we protect our IP?

  • How can I make the most of the INTA Annual Meeting?

    May 01, 2009

    I will be going to the INTA Annual Meeting for the first time this year. I've heard it can be pretty daunting. How can I make the most of the meeting while retaining my sanity?

  • Should we embrace viral marketing?

    April 01, 2009

    My company is about to launch an advertising campaign, and we think it could become very popular. Should we welcome this and are there are any particular trade mark/branding concerns we should be aware of?

  • How should I decide which patents not to renew?

    March 01, 2009

    Given the economic situation, my company is looking to cut costs from our IP department and one option is not to renew some of our patent portfolio. Which factors should I consider in deciding which patents not to renew?

  • How can I best manage the e-discovery process in the US?

    February 01, 2009

    My company is facing increased litigation in the US and I am concerned about the amount of e-discovery required. How can I minimise costs while still fulfilling obligations?


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The upcoming China #IP trends webinar will go in depth on “National filing numbers in China: looking at the data” -…

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It was a 7-2 decision. Thomas delivered the opinion of the court, in which Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Alito, Sotom…

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US Supreme Court has issued WesternGeco v. Ion ruling! "WesternGeco’s award for lost profit…

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